The most advanced Iron

And the smallest Iron tablet in India

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    Why Chelon?

    Chelon is the latest Iron Molecule in the market with the highest bio-availability. This allows us to reduce the amount of Iron administered to almost 1/3rd that of competition to get similar benefits. Chelon is the smallest Iron tablet in India. Less Iron in your tablet means less Iron thats not absorbed by your body, which means less stomach irritation and less constipation.

    90% Bio-available Iron

    Compared to 26.7% for Ferrous Sulphate, 28% Ferrous Fumerate and 40% Ferrous Ascorbate.

    Less Iron left behind

    When more iron is absorbed only 3% of Iron in Chelon is left behind in your stomach. 3mg vs almost 82 mg of competition.

    No Constipation.

    Because very little amount of iron is left behind unabsorbed, you have very little gastric irritation and almost no constipation.

    Smallest Iron Tablet

    Similar molecule of competition is a Capsule and is 21mm long. Chelon is easy to consume, especially during pregnancy.

    RDA for Pregnancy

    During pregnancy, you have an additional RDA of 27 mg of Iron and 80 mg of Vitamin C. Chelon is thus a must have.

    Can take with multivitamins

    Does not interact with multi-vitamins.

    Boosts immunity

    Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant that boosts your immunity. So you stay healthier.

    Vitamin C helps Iron intake

    Vitamin C helps body absorb Iron from other food you eat and improves Iron intake.

    Assured Results

    Results observed shows 1-3 point increase in Hb levels on blood test within 6 weeks.

    Chelon is now available at Zana Organics. Get the smallest iron tablet now.

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